News and Events

TreeBate Program Introduced - August 2014

Planting a tree now can save you money!

Because of the importance of trees in this community... particularly that they improve our water quality and reduce storm water runoff that pollutes our water, the City of
Jefferson is offering a new TreeBate program!  If you plant a tree on your residential property, the City of Jefferson will credit Jefferson Utilities Customers up to $40 on their bill, depending on the size of the tree at planting.

Find out more about Jefferson's TreeBate here!

Georgia Urban Forestry Conference - June 2014

City of Jefferson Arborist, Susan Russell, and Jackson County Extension Agent, Sam Ingram, provided a presentation for the GUFC Quarterly Conference on“Creating Community Orchards.”

The conference was held at the Jefferson Civic Center on June 25, 2014, and approximately 40 arborists and foresters from Northeast Georgia attended and then had lunch in our downtown.

JHTC Projects - April 2014

The Jefferson Heritage Tree Council will focus on two of its programs for the remainder of the year:

  • Revamping and improving the Heritage Tree Program of recognizing and marking historic, significant and unique trees in the City of Jefferson; and
  • Strengthening and expanding the JHTC Tree Steward Program and volunteers to assist with maintenance of our young trees.

Tree Plantings - March 2014

Planting spaces were identified for 51 trees purchased with 2013 funds.  The installations took place at the Jefferson Recreation Center and City Park, with other locations throughout the city in previously identified available spaces. Installation was completed in March 2014.

Historic Courthouse Tree Plantings

The Historic Courthouse Committee anticipates the grand opening of the Courthouse to take place on August 10, 2014.  The committee requested the assistance of the City Arborist to assist with the landscape planning and to oversee the proper installation of plant material.

Home Owner Assessments - March 2014

Three consultations were provided to City property owners who had safety concerns about their trees, or about trees adjacent to their properties.

Tree Sale - March 2014

JHTC sells high-quality trees each early spring and delivers the trees sold to pick up at Foliage Fest.  This year, more than $300 in trees were pre-sold to community members, which are funds that go directly back into the JHTC budget for tree planting, maintenance and education about the value of trees.

Foliage Fest 2014

The fourth annual Foliage Fest was particularly successful with more than 500 attendees, more vendors than ever before, a sell-out of JHTC trees and a full performance schedule of Hall-of-Fame music performances.  Be planning ahead for the five-year anniversary of Foliage Fest on Saturday, March 21, 2015.

Arbor Day 2014

Arbor Day was celebrated on Friday, February 21, 2014.  This year, the program included a presentation by nationally known Tim Womick.  Mr Womick conducted the program for Jefferson Academy and Jefferson Middle School, and the presentations were followed by planting a ginko tree at the Academy. 

The Arbor Day program with Tim Womick was offered to the city at no charge, and was made possible through Joan Scales, our GFC Community Forester, and through our valuable partnership with the Georgia Forestry Commission.

New Trees Purchased for 2014

A total of 51 field grown trees were purchased in December 2013, to be dug and installed in the spring of 2014.  The trees will be planted in areas where trees have been removed, in areas identified in the tree inventory, and in other areas around the City where they will provide aesthetic and environmental enhancement.Congratulations to Jefferson City Manager, John Ward, for his selection as a Board Member for the GUFC.  Mr. Ward’s appointment is recognition for his, and for the City of Jefferson’s, commitment to the trees in our City.

McKinney Hill Tree Maintenance

The city arborist, working with a certified tree service, removed eight trees and pruned others on McKinney Hill.  In addition to the retained services, Waldrop & Sons Tree Service donated crew time to prune to a height of 17’ the dead and low hanging limbs on all pines on the hill.  The hill was left in immaculate condition, free of twigs and pinecones.

Jefferson Tree Steward Program Begins

In January of 2012, the City of Jefferson held its first training session for Jefferson Trees Stewards at the Jefferson Recreation Complex on Old Pendergrass Road. 

Jefferson Tree Stewards are volunteers who will assist the city in maintaining newly planted and young trees throughout town.  Tree Stewards will water, mulch, prune, and inspect young trees along City street rights-of-way, in City parks, and around City facilities, and will free up Street Department personnel time so that they can complete other important tasks.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN THE JEFFERSON TREE STEWARD PROGRAM, call or e-mail Connie Head, Jefferson City Forester, at 706.202.5279 or  After signing up, the City Forester will send you more information about future training programs and field work sessions.